Daily Archives: 31st January 2015

Fruit Frenzy

‘Promote healthy eating, improve observation and social communication skills’ In a speech and language therapy session, or when you are playing with your child at home, try out these ideas. Language Encourage extra description words when the fruit cards are turned over. For example, instead of just labelling: ‘strawberry’ → “sweet / juicy strawberry” ‘banana’ […]

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Dotty Dinasour

Try incorporating these ideas to further support children’s communication skills. Social skills Commenting to tease or encourage other players (e.g. “I’m almost finished”, “You still need a square!”). Displaying appropriate emotional responses when ultimately winning or losing. Language  Commenting when taking turns (e.g. “Whose turn is it?”, “My / your / his turn”). Encouraging accurate […]

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Red Dog, Blue Dog

‘Designed to develop personal and social skills; encourage observation’ Here are specific communication skills that can be addressed whilst playing with your child at home.   Social skills Taking turns and waiting for other players to pick their cards. Language  Encouraging further description when labelling cards; for example instead of just labelling: ‘orange teddy’ →”soft […]

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