Dorothy Mark is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from University of Sunderland. She worked as customer service in a call center but she has always felt the void in her career path, something was not fulfilling. She later joined Oasis Place and found herself in the environment which filled her void. She has been always caring and loving toward the mentally and psychically challenged children. She enjoyed working at Oasis Place because She truly adore children and meeting with many different people. It was a fun and bright environment to be in. she feels like a family there, so cozy and heart-warming. Her greetings and smile will always put a smile on the children who comes to Oasis Place for therapy sessions.

Her administrative skills and knowledge has shaped her career in Oasis Place. She is particularly passionate about working with children all ages. As the administrator of Oasis Place, she is committed to provide administrative support to the satisfaction of the clients.The most enjoyable part of my job would be just being able to be part of a child’s life and being able to see them grow.