Daily Archives: 30th January 2015

Flowerpot Game

‘Designed to develop counting and colour recognition skills; observation and social skills; strategic thinking’  In a speech and language therapy session, or when you are playing with your child at home, these specific areas can be addressed.   Attention Children will have to be patient if their flower ‘blooms’ too soon as they have to […]

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Bus Stop

‘Designed to develop addition and subtraction skills; encourage observation and social skills’. Try these specific ideas at home to further support children’s communication skills.   Social skills  Practicing appropriate greetings when people get on and off the bus e.g. “Hello, how are you?”, “Bye, see you tomorrow” etc.  Children can be encouraged to help each other with […]

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Greedy Gorilla

‘Encourage healthier eating in a fun way…’   This game lends itself to developing a variety of communication skills that can be addressed in speech and language therapy sessions, school or at home.     Social skills Understanding social expectations e.g. encouraging children to say ‘excuse me’ after making the gorilla burp.  Requesting amongst players. […]

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