Bus Stop

‘Designed to develop addition and subtraction skills; encourage observation and social skills’.
Try these specific ideas at home to further support children’s communication skills.


Social skills

  •  Practicing appropriate greetings when people get on and off the bus e.g. “Hello, how are you?”, “Bye, see you tomorrow” etc.
  •  Children can be encouraged to help each other with the calculations by making verbal requests e.g. “Can ___ help me please?”


  • Encourage creative thinking by asking questions such as:
    ‘Where’s the bus going now?’ → “To the park” etc.
    ‘When will it leave / arrive?” → “Soon”, “In the afternoon” etc.
  •  Use specific adjectives to comment on the driver’s speed
    e.g. He’s driving slowly / fast.
  • Further problem-solving could be addressed by prompting the children for reasons why the
    driver is going quicker or slower.
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