Greedy Gorilla

‘Encourage healthier eating in a fun way…’
This game lends itself to developing a variety of communication skills that can be addressed in speech and language therapy sessions, school or at home.
Social skills
  • Understanding social expectations
    e.g. encouraging children to say ‘excuse me’ after making the gorilla burp.
  •  Requesting amongst players. Children could be encouraged to ask their peers for specific cards if someone else has picked up something they need
    e.g. “May I have the yoghurt please?”
  • Constructing sentences using accurate verb tenses
    e.g. “I’m going to feed the gorilla”, “I fed the gorilla”, “I’m feeding the gorilla”.
  • Grouping categories of food together
    e.g. cherries, pear and strawberries go together because they are all fruit;
    hotdog, doughnut and ice cream go together because they are all junk food.
  • Understanding and using specific concepts
    e.g. hungry vs. full (when feeding the gorilla);
    polite vs. rude (when encouraging ‘excuse me’ after making the gorilla burp).
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