Dotty Dinasour

Try incorporating these ideas to further support children’s communication skills.

Social skills

  • Commenting to tease or encourage other players (e.g. “I’m almost finished”, “You still need a square!”).
  • Displaying appropriate emotional responses when ultimately winning or losing.


  •  Commenting when taking turns (e.g. “Whose turn is it?”, “My / your / his turn”).
  • Encouraging accurate sentence structures and verbs usageg. “
    • I found a triangle”
    • “I need a…”
    • “She wants a…” etc.

Speech clarity

  • ‘s’ can be practised frequently in this game for children who have difficulties with this sound. It comes up when saying ‘dinosaur’, ‘spikes’, ‘circle’, ‘square’ and ‘semicircle’.
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