Jack and the Beanstalk

‘Designed to develop observation, personal, social and language skills’

 In a speech and language therapy session, or when you are playing with your child at home, these specific ideas can be incorporated too.

 Social skills

– Encouraging a play-based sense of anxiety in trying to avoid the spinner pointing to the giant; excitement or success if the giant is asleep and Jack can escape.

– Calling others out when they sneak a look into the bag (bound to happen at some point with children!): “No peeking!”


– Encouraging accurate sentence structures and verbs usage
e.g. “I feel a…..heart / circle etc.” (when reaching into the cloth bag)
“I found a ….square / triangle etc.” (when taking a shape out of the cloth bag)


– Children who are starting to read can use the written labels to support their identification of the shapes on the card.


The repetitive giant’s phrase ‘Fee fie foe fum!’ is a great way for a child with ‘f’ production difficulties to practise this sound.

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