One Banana Two Banana

‘Designed to develop observation and strategic thinking; social communication’

In a speech and language therapy session, or when you are playing with your child at home, these ideas could be incorporated too.

 Social skills

– Encouraging appropriate play-based comments when something goes array

e.g. “Are you OK?” (when the monkey ‘slips’ on the banana peel)

“Help! I’m stuck in the swamp!” (when the swamp card is picked)

– Demonstrating appropriate emotional responses as the monkeys race to the banana tree, and ultimately, when winning or losing.



– Encouraging specific grammar usage

e.g. plurals: “I’ve got two bananas”

– Understanding specific directional concepts i.e. forwards versus backwards (whilst moving the monkeys)

– Encouraging basic reasoning skills through asking ‘why’ questions

e.g. ‘Why does the monkey have to go backwards?’ → “Because he slipped on the banana peel”, ‘Why do you miss a turn?’ → “Because I’m stuck in the swamp!”.

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