Insey Winsey Spider

‘Designed to develop shape recognition skills; improve addition and subtraction skills’

When you are playing with your child at home, these speech and language areas can also be


Social skills

  • Taking turns and waiting for other players to spin the spinner.
  • As a parallel discussion to the game, explore how the children feel when it’s sunny or rainy and what kinds of things they do then. The children could also talk about how they feel about spiders and other insects – what makes them scared, when they feel brave etc. Emotional literacy is paramount within a child’s social skills and language profile, especially in the early stages of their development.


  • Encouraging longer sentences by using connectives vocabulary
    • e.g. It’s raining so I need to move down
    •         It’s sunny so I can stay where I am
  • Constructing sentences using accurate verb tenses
    • e.g. ‘It’s climbing / moving up’, ‘It climbed / moved high!’


  • Speech isn’t just about talking clearly. Our clarity is also supported by the way we use our voice and important intonation patterns – the subtle ‘up and down tunes’ when talking. The ‘Insey Winsey Spider’ nursery rhyme is a fun way to encourage animated and creative voice use.
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