Uniquely Me (IN/OUT Production)

Past Event


Event Details:
Date & Time:
24 – 26 January 2019 @ 8.30pm
26 – 27 January 2019 @ 3.00pm
Venue: pentas 2, klpac

Followed by
An Oasis Place Presentation

“And in the sameness that I have had always needed, I realized I was different.”

IN/OUT is a story of a girl who experiences the world in a unique way.
She cannot stand loud noises and has a hard time focusing.
She stares into space and daydreams a lot.
When she was little, she would get fixated on odd things.
She would collect all the fans in her house and line them up like toy soldiers.
She would collect maps and spend hours tracing the lines on a map, over and over.
Yet, no one understands why she does the things she does.
IN/OUT is a devised physical theatre story about longing and acceptance.
It explores what it feels like to be included and excluded just for being the person you are.

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Click here for the flyer. See you there!

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