Fine-tastic Camp

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Event Details

24 – 26 Mar 2020
16 – 18 June 2020
15 – 17 Dec 2020

Time: 9:00am-12.00pm
Venue: Oasis Place
Suitable for: 6-9 years old children
Cost: RM850 per child
inclusive of snacks and materials

About The Event


This camp, conducted by occupational therapists at Oasis Place, aims to engage children in fine motor practice through a series of fun and thoughtfully designed activities.

Learning Goals:

  • Improve handwriting skills & body posture while writing
  • Strengthen muscle of shoulder & wrist control
  • Promote proper/mature hand grasp for daily activities & learning
  • Promote learning in group

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For any inquiries email or call our center at + 603 2276 9111.

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