Holiday Camp: Social Discoverers (Age: 5-8 Years)

Event Details

7th – 9th April 2020
7th – 9th July 2020
1st – 3rd Dec 2020
(Choose ONE (1) Intake)

Time: 9:00am-12.00pm
Venue: Oasis Place
Suitable for: 5-8 years old children*
Cost: RM850 per child, additional RM510 per sibling
inclusive of snacks and materials
Social Discoverers for Early Learners requires children with normal to near-normal language development

About The Event

Social Discoverers permeates every human relationship because it is what we do when we interact with one another. Some individuals with social learning challenges do not acquire the rules of Social Thinking so readily. As a result, they find it difficult conforming to social rules and expectations and have difficulty making and maintaining friendships.

Based on The Incredible Flexible You (TIFY) curriculum written by Ryan Hendrix, Kari Zweber Palmer, Nancy Tarshis and Michelle Garcia Winner, we will be addressing some fundamental Social Thinking concepts in a fun, exciting and relational way. Social Discoverers 2020 We welcome typically developing children and children with social learning weaknesses to simulate a typical classroom or similar learning environment. As this is a language-based approach, it is most suitable for children with normal or near-normal language development. On the final day of the camp, parents are encouraged to attend the last hour to learn what their children have experienced that week.

Using a combination of stories, music, dramatic play, art and craft, and life skills activities, the topics covered will include:

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • The group plan
  • Thinking with body

Bring a friend or a sibling as Social Thinking affects everyone and the lessons and vocabulary learned in the camp will benefit your child’s interactions with others. Sign up now for an exciting week of learning!

For any inquiries email or call our center at + 603 2276 9111.

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