Deena graduated with a BSc in Speech Sciences from University College London (UK) and also holds a Level 2 certificate in British Sign Language. Deena initially worked for the UK National Health Service offering a peripatetic assessment and intervention service for children across mainstream schools and hearing impairment specialist provisions in London.

Her caseload included a wide range of clinical needs: Autism Spectrum Disorder, bilingualism, Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip and palate, Downʼs Syndrome, dyspraxia, global delay, hearing impairment, language delay and disorder, selective mutism, speech delay and disorder, stammering.Deena subsequently accepted a post within the Cochlear Implant Programme at the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

In addition to providing speech and language therapy services for children, she was a specialist advisor to community speech and language therapists and other professionals in the areas of hearing impairment. Her remit also involved training and lecturing university students. She recently relocated to Kuala Lumpur where she enjoys working with families from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She now shares her time across international schools, private therapy and clinical settings.

Deena is passionate about working collaboratively with children and their families and helping to raise public awareness of speech and language therapy. She has written a series of a published articles on this subject, and enjoys a play based and fun approach to helping children.