Maalathi earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Houston, Texas. She returned to Malaysia in 2010 Malaysia bringing back professional and academic experience, and not long after, took up a job within the cargo sector of the aviation industry, focusing on sales and administration. While there, she had the opportunity to manage the cargo operations of several foreign carriers in Malaysia. 

After 10 years in the cargo industry, however,Maalathi felt a need to expand her horizons and do more to contribute to society. Seeking to make a difference, she started teaching young children English on the days she wasn’t working. She soon came to the realisation that working with children was what gave her the most joy. Hence, when the opportunity arose, she left the cargo business and joined the Oasis  team, bringing with her valuable experience gleaned from years of working in the corporate world at home and in the US.

In her free time, Maalathi enjoys yoga and learning about the benefits of the ancient practice of ayurveda.