Peggy graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Iowa State University, USA and a Diploma in Learning Management and Child Psychology from the College of Allied Educators, Malaysia. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Special Education with the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Peggy has worked in various multi-national corporations since graduating. Her passion is travelling, and it is from her journey around Europe that she received her spiritual calling to work with special children. She started her teaching career by volunteering in her church’s Early Intervention Centre for three months before becoming a Teaching Assistant at a Special Needs School in Solaris Mont Kiara. There, she taught children aged 6-18 years old with various disabilities while providing private tutoring for special children.

However, due to injuries sustained to her knees, she is now taking a more administrative role, but is still active in advocating for the special children community.

She currently also serves as Leader for the Special Children ministry, at the Children Church, with the objectives of helping them to discover and experience God’s love.

Her utmost desire is to help and work with special children, to help them understand how unique each of them are despite their disabilities and to make a difference in their life. Her main objectives are also to provide a cohesive environment for them to learn and to help them to discover and embrace knowledge to lead an independent and meaningful life.