Mei Mei, or just Mei, is a clinical psychologist who graduated from HELP University. Prior to that, Mei earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Southern California, USA. She was then awarded a scholarship to complete her honours degree at Monash University, Malaysia.

While working as a child advocate for UNHCR in Malaysia, Mei developed a strong conviction to pursue a career in clinical psychology. Compelled by the increasing need for psychological services worldwide, especially locally, she decided to better equip herself to work in the field of mental health.

Through Mei’s clinical training, she has had the opportunity to work with individuals and families addressing a wide variety of concerns including identity development, interpersonal relationship issues, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma. She is also experienced in administering psychological assessments to facilitate constructive understanding and perspectives of the various developmental issues children face.

Mei’s personal and professional encounters with people of all ages also led her to the understanding that an individual’s struggles rarely exist and operate in isolation, but as part of a wider societal and environmental context. Therefore, she strives to work collaboratively with clients to expand their perceptions of human experiences for a more positive outlook on the future.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix or playing with her dog, Chip.