La Veina is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained her Master of Clinical Psychology from HELP University. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) with a first class honors from the same university. She is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a full member of Persatuan Psikologi Malaysia (PSIMA) and the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychologists (MSCP).

When you first meet La Veina, you will notice her warm embrace. She is a people person with a passion to journey in life alongside others. She is inclined to Existential-Humanistic teachings and also applies Cognitive Behavioural methods to assist children and adults who are challenged by psychological struggles. This includes working collaboratively with those who are faced with difficulties in interpersonal relationships, abuse, self-esteem, loss of a loved one or mental health disorders related to mood, trauma, stress, personality, substance abuse and disruptive behaviors. She conducts group and individual psychotherapy by capitalizing on the courage and strengths of her clients in growing through adversities and fulfilling one’s personal goals. She is also trained in various centers under multidisciplinary teams at government hospitals, private universities and schools, community-based settings and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Additionally, La Veina beliefs in utilizing research to successfully navigate our complex world. She is also a Market Research Analyst and Consultant who works with leaders from multinational corporations worldwide. Through this role, she has picked up skills to appreciate the underlying needs and desires of people based on what is said or expressed through one’s body language. She also hopes to serve people with information and treatment approaches that are scientifically associated with positive results.

La Veina is also skilled at conducting psychological and IQ assessments to evaluate intervention needs and treatment planning for a range of developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Disruptive, Impulse Control or Conduct Disorders. She has also developed and facilitated workshops on a range of topics including emotion regulation, executive functioning, procrastination, study skills, social skills, self-esteem and parenting skills.