Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a well established evidence-based allied health profession known to support almost every aspect of a person including: physical skills, social skills, cognitive functioning, psychological and emotional functioning, speech development, self confidence, fine and gross motor skills, concentration and relaxation. Music Therapy focuses on the health, functioning, and well being of a person by using music as the medium for engagement and interaction between the individual and therapist. If you would like to know more about how music therapy can help you or a loved one, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the intentional use of music by trained professionals to support individuals with special needs as they work towards improving their physical, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual health and wellbeing.

Differences between Music Education & Music Therapy?

In Music Education, children are taught musical skills and learning musical theory. Music Therapy, however, focuses on using music as a tool to improve emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through specially designed sessions tailored to the individual's needs.

What Are The Benefits of Music Therapy?

Music Therapists help clients reach a variety of non­-musical goals such as improving social skills, expressing emotions, increasing self-confidence, improving fine and gross motor skills, facilitating relaxation and increasing concentration.

Who Can Benefit From Music Therapy?

All children, adolescents and adults with different developmental, learning and physical disabilities can benefit from music therapy, regardless of their musical skill, culture or background.

How is a Typical Music Therapy Session Conducted?

Each session is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the client. Therapists use a variety of techniques such as song-writing, singing, drum circles, improvisation, instrument playing, music and movement, and lyric analysis.

What To Expect at a Session?

As every individual and case is different, therapy sessions will vary depending on the individual’s needs. We offer sessions at school, onsite at our centre, or online through OPConnect. Sessions are typically one hour and include a combination of direct therapy with the child and indirect intervention with parents, caregivers or educators who work with the child.

What Qualifications Do Music Therapists Have?

Music therapists may have a degree, masters or PhD in music and/or therapy. Music Therapy is not currently regulated in Malaysia. Please contact us to find out more about our Music Therapist.

Do You Need To Know How To Play an Instrument or Sing?

No, however, these may be learned along the way. The instruments used during the music therapy sessions include percussion instruments like maracas, drum, tambourine, shakers, castanets, xylophone, ukulele, guitar, keyboard and more.

Do Music Therapists Teach Music Skills?

Music Therapy is not a replacement for music class. However, our music therapists can recommend music teachers who are confident in teaching children with learning differences. A student may eventually learn some musical skills, however, acquiring musical skills is not the focus of music therapy.

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  • Shanaya’s Mom

    My daughter likes music so music therapy classes really engaged her. We noticed that her focus and attention was better after music classes. In addition, the therapists are very passionate about their work. They tried hard to engage and teach my daughter!

    Shanaya’s Mom