Dr Teresa A. May-Benson

Occupational Therapist

Dr Teresa A. May-Benson, Sc.D., is a lecturer and researcher on sensory integration theory and intervention. She has authored numerous book chapters and articles on praxis and sensory integration, and completed her doctoral dissertation on ideational praxis. Dr. May-Benson has a diverse background as a clinical practitioner in both private and public school settings as well as private practice. As an educator, she has worked at both the University of Indianapolis and Tufts University. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio State University and her Master’s from Boston University with a concentration in sensory integration and school system therapy. She has received numerous awards including the Virginia Scardinia Award of Excellence from The American Occupational Therapy Association, The Alice Bachman Clinician Award from Pediatric Therapy Network, and The Catherine Trombly Award from the Massachusetts Association of Occupational Therapists. Dr May-Benson is also owner of TMB Education, LLC.