Prakash Ravindran

Clinical Psychologist

Prakash is a Clinical Psychologist from Kuala Lumpur with an undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) and Masters of Clinical Psychology from HELP University. Prakash is also an experienced fitness trainer and applies his expertise to help children with special needs through physical therapy. Prakash is well versed in the diagnostic tools needed in assessing, reporting, diagnosing and treating children with developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD and other learning disabilities. He is also attending training in sensory integration and social thinking and incorporates these practices into his work. Prakash leads Oasis Place’s Social Thinking and Malaysia Day Camp and also plans and facilitates social communication sessions across age groups. Prakash conducts workshops, trainings and has been guest speaker on radio stations like BFM. Prakash is registered with the Malaysia Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) and is proficient in English and Malay.