Play @ Oasis

Play is a fundamental facilitator towards children’s overall communication development. It offers important opportunities for them to discover, explore and learn increasingly creative and complex language through social interactions.

At Oasis Place, we use a wide range of toys and games to support children’s attention, social skills, comprehension, spoken language development and speech clarity. Learning is invariably more successful if it is fun and meaningful – and really, just plain fun – to the child. Children with difficulties in any of the above areas may not be able to fully participate and enjoy the games that their friends are playing. Speech and language therapists can share specific strategies to parents and caregivers to help them maximise their child’s communication potential through play.

We hope to share how we use some of our favorite toys and games to facilitate speech and language development. Please contact our centre for more information on obtaining these games.
‘Encourage healthier eating in a fun way…’

‘Designed to develop addition and subtraction skills; encourage observation and social skills’.

‘Designed to develop counting and colour recognition skills; observation and social skills; strategic thinking’

‘Designed to develop personal and social skills; encourage observation’
‘Help the dinosaurs to find their missing spots.’
‘Promote healthy eating, improve observation and social communication skills’
 ‘Designed to develop counting and colour matching skills’

‘Designed to develop observation and strategic thinking; social communication’

‘Designed to develop observation, personal, social and language skills’
 ‘Designed to develop shape recognition skills; improve addition and subtraction skills’