Fruit Frenzy


‘Promote healthy eating, improve observation and social communication skills’

In a speech and language therapy session, or when you are playing with your child at home, try out these ideas.


  • Encourage extra description words when the fruit cards are turned over. For example, instead of just labelling:
    • ‘strawberry’ → “sweet / juicy strawberry”
    • ‘banana’ → “long banana” etc.
  •  Negative forms are useful to target in this game when finding matching cards
    • e.g. “not the same”
    • “I don’t have oranges” etc.

Auditory memory

  • As a spin-off activity, try an “I went shopping…” game. Each player takes turns to add an item / or items of fruit to the increasing list.
    • e.g. First player says “I went shopping and bought a pineapple”, second player adds “I went shopping and bought a pineapple and two apples” etc.

Speech clarity

  • Children with ‘r’ production difficulties may experience a fun challenge when having to call out
  • ‘Fruit frenzy!’ – a tricky combination of sounds to master.