Ms Wong Kwan Wei

Kwan Wei graduated with Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Upper Iowa University, U.S.A. Prior to joining Oasis Place, she worked in a preschool which allowed her to work closely with teachers and parents in regards of children’s social-emotional development and academic progress. Her volunteering experience in preschool throughout her secondary and tertiary education provided her with an exposure to Montessori and Thematic education approaches.

Besides that, during her internship with Protect and Save the Children, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), she had the opportunity to facilitate in workshops and programs on raising awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse.

Kwan Wei is passionate to work with children to support their academic learning, social-emotional development and behavioral management. She embraces a holistic approach in early intervention which she aspires to work closely with parents, teachers and other professionals. She acknowledges their roles in children’s development because consistency is the key for children to overcome their challenges throughout their life.

She finds great satisfaction in witnessing a child progress and improve their quality of life. With that, it keeps her motivated to continue making a difference in many more families in need. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling to explore a variety of food as she enjoys cooking different cuisines. She also enjoys outdoors activities such as jungle trekking and hiking with her family and friends.