Lee Chui Ki

Occupational Therapist

Chui-Ki has a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) from the University of South Australia where she worked in a variety of fields including Geriatrics, Acute Rehabilitation and Mental Health. After graduating, Chui-Ki further explored paediatric occupational therapy and has since worked with children from a variety of age groups, backgrounds and challenges. Chui-Ki believes in the importance of play, meaningful activities and flexibility when working with children – allowing them to explore, learn and develop new skills. She conducts executive functioning sessions for school age and teenage clients both in person and online. Chui Ki co-designed Oasis Place’s programmes “Movement to Mindfulness” (M2M) and “Cool, Focussed, Organised” (CFO) amongst others, and is fondly known as “Kiki”. She is currently pursuing her Certification Course in the Program of Essential Competencies in Sensory Integration (PECSI), as well as a Yoga Alliance Certification. Chui Ki is registered with the Malaysian Occupational Therapists Association (MOTA) and is proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysi